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Now I've Seen Everything

15+ People Who Took Charge of Their Bodies and Never Looked Back

A recent survey revealed that 55% of people around the world are happy because of their health. This just goes to show that taking care of our bodies is not only good for our physical well-being — it does wonders for our hearts as well. And the individuals on this list proved how making positive changes in one’s appearance could spark inner joy.

If you’re also on a similar transformation journey and sometimes find yourself stuck in a rut, Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up these impressive before-and-after photos, which can give all of us the push we need.

1. “Running and hiking have been a game changer for me.”

2. “Upper jaw surgery did some wonders to my breathing, gum health, and joint discomfort.”

3. A 30-minute journey from an adult to a teen

4. “Determined to wear a bikini for the first time in 10 years”

5. “Taking charge of my life...”

6. “Down 60 lb, 20 lb to go!”

7. “From size 22 to size 10. All I did was fast. I workout cause it helps keep the sadness away.”

8. He brought the best version of himself!

9. Her weight gain process amazed everyone.

10. Slow and steady brings you beard growth.

11. Lost 115 lb for a legit transformation

12. “19-year-old had fun shaving his beard in stages.”

13. “This is what over 2 years of braces, wisdom teeth removal, and 2 jaw correction surgeries looks like. (Me, 2017-2019)”

14. “My transformation from April 2021 to March 2022. From 418 lb to 233 lb.”

15. “Jaw surgery, before and after”

16. “425 lb -> 149 lb. After 2 and a half years I have reached my goal weight!”

17. “This took a year and several months to achieve. Binge eating on the left, controlled eating on the right.”

18. “From 301 lb to 210 lb. I changed my diet and the fat just fell off me.”

Have you ever gone through a challenge to transform yourself? Who was your inspiration then? Share your pictures and thoughts in the comments.

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