Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

20 Before and After Pics That Show Our World Is Full of Constrast and Diversity

Arguably, most of us get used to the way a certain object or place looks like. This is especially true if you often visit the place or see the object. In fact, as time goes by, it’s harder and harder to remember what those things looked like at first. However, sometimes fate makes it possible to get a fresh version of this experience and we can live it all over again.

Now I’ve Seen Everything we love comparisons that people post online to see how things have changed over time. But don’t miss the bonus at the end of the article. There you’ll confirm that if you ask mom or dad for a favor, they will always respond in a way that exceeds expectations.

1. “Brand new vs. five years of carrying mail.”

2. “Plant being dramatic before and after watering.”

3. “The wear on a LEGO brick I’ve been using as a key hanger for a few years, compared to a new one.”

4. “South California before and after a wet winter.”

5. “Bamboo that grew up without the effect of tourists’ touch”

6. “The difference 5 weeks made in foliage color.”

7. “My mom found a cute rug at the store. Brought it home and it was the same one she had before!”

8. “One day difference in Fort Collins Colorado.”

9. “Wasn’t surprised to find out that most phones are dirtier than toilet seats. This is only 7 months old.”

10. “The difference between someone 5’2 and 6’2 taking our picture.”

11. “Got the keychain on the left in 2010 in Paris. Girlfriend gave me a present early today and I was shocked!”

12. “The difference 11 days can make for this maple tree”

13. The difference between farm fresh and supermarket strawberries.

14. A few years makes a big difference. Rex 5 years later.

15. “Just some different egg sizes I have on my small farm.”

16. “My old 54 mm skateboard wheels next to my new 54 mm skateboard wheels”

17. “Before/After a 4 year ceramics course”

18. “Giant banana next to a PS4 controller and a foot for comparison”

19. Apparently this little piggy had a tough life. Yet just one puppy played with him.

20. Egg from a free-range hen and a normal egg.

Bonus: “I asked my mom and dad to buy a sponge to wash the dishes. The one on the left side was bought by my dad.”

What comparisons could you make with things in your daily life? Is there one that has left you speechless?

Preview photo credit megcooks / Reddit
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