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20 People Whose Hearts Are Pumping Kindness

We’ve all probably been there when we need a helping hand or just a kind word from a stranger to feel better. And there are really selfless people who will never hesitate to support others, even if they’re meeting them for the first time in their life. These acts of kindness show us just how important generosity is.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we believe that human kindness is something that lives inside each of us. That’s why we wanted to share these heartwarming moments when people were like guardian angels for each other.

1. “My mom smiling after saving 40 kids off a burning school bus.”


3.“My 91-year-old papa helping out my 86-year-old grandma. She fell at Christmas and broke her femur in 2 places.”

4. “How my grandpa’s and his wife’s wedding outfits are hanging in the wardrobe. True love.”

5. “Someone drove 10 miles to deliver my purse home 2 days after I lost it. They didn’t take any of the money, and didn’t leave a name, so I can’t thank them.”

“Sorry for the delay in dropping off your purse, I found it on the pavement outside Budgens on Wednesday morning. Got your address from the driving license. Hope you have not been through too much inconvenience.”

6. On the back door to a restaurant:


8. “This poor little guy was sick, but he’s all better now!”




12.“Our poor little floor walrus is melting in this heat so I put an ice pack on him. He was confused at first but then didn’t move for about 10 minutes.”




16. “I can’t remember ever directly speaking to this person, yet they still reached out in my absence. It’s always the little things.”




20. “My daughter helping her friend at a black sand beach”

What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you? Have you ever had a stranger who ended up being your guardian angel? Tell us your stories in the comments!

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