15 People Who Can Teach Us a Lesson About Never Giving Up

2 years ago

When a task appears to be impossible, giving up may seem the best option. But for some people, that is never the answer. Their willpower is so strong, they’re able to resist the temptation to lay down and stop reaching for their goals. Fortunately, these kings and queens of hard work often take to social media to share the outcomes of their labor.

Now I’ve Seen Everything sends a wave of inspiration your way with this compilation of photos.

1. “I lost 130 lb in a year.”

2. “I’m literally half the person I was.”

3. “All things are possible and it starts with the mind.”

4. “From miserable to Mrs.”

5. “I weighed 443 lbs a bit more than a year ago. Now I’m down to 305.8 lbs.”

6. “Where I started vs where I am today.”

7. “Similar shirt, completely different face. Really amazing what the human body is capable of.”

8. “I’m almost 3 years out from a gastric bypass.”

9. “One of my biggest insecurities was my big head and neck. 76 lb later and I’m starting to feel beautiful again.”

10. “Same shirt, new waist.”

11. “I wanted to celebrate finally loving myself.”

12. “All done in less than 2 years!”

13. “Been going through a rough patch mentally, but still pushing myself to do at least one thing a day to better myself.”

14. “After 30 years of trying, I finally lost 100 pounds.”

15. “I lost 125 lbs in 18 months.”

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far? What’s something you’re striving to achieve this year? Lay out your successes and aspirations in the comment section so we can all celebrate with you!

Preview photo credit mygreenbike85 / Reddit


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