15 Wholesome Pics That Can Warm Up Your Heart Faster Than the Sun Melts Ice Cream

year ago

Cute and heartwarming photos have the power to make us feel good. They can lift our spirits when we are feeling down, and sometimes, they serve as a good reminder that the world is still full of positive things.

And to add some extra sunshine to our day, Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to share these 15 aww-worthy pictures, which could make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

1. “My daughter’s crayon version of ’Starry Night’, which she did after we talked about the famous art.”

2. “Little bee standing on his tippy toes for a drink”

3. “My son got his first pair of glasses.”

4. “Sooo, my dog found 2 guinea pigs in a bush and thinks she’s their mother. Cuteness alert.”

5. “I am a dad. I am proud.”

6. “Tiny floof with tiny claws”

7. “My mom and my aunt (Norway 1977) — my cousin and I (NJ 2017). In honor of Mother’s Day.”

8. “My cat thinks my ear is a mother cat’s nipple, and then she falls asleep.”

9. “After 20 years of asking, my mom finally got a dog. This was his first night of sleep.”

10. “My grandparents meeting my daughter for the first time.”

11. “Louie was meant to be our guard dog at the garage sale... He decided to nap instead.”

12. “I went to the Amazon and found my long-lost brother.”

13. “Hi! I’m, pup! Are you my new brother?”

14. “My mother says she doesn’t like cats. I just found her like this. She sits on a throne of lies.”

15. “They never truly leave us. Look at how the ashes scattered at my doggy’s favorite park.”

Which of these pics touched your heart the most?

Preview photo credit NattiPack / Reddit


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