20 People Who Bought Something Online and Are Still Trying to Pick Their Jaws Up Off the Floor

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Despite the almost infinite choice of goods in stores, supermarkets, and malls, making purchases online is much more convenient and profitable than spending time walking around shops. But online shopping has its disadvantages too — especially for those who don’t like surprises.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything always believe that reality will match our expectations at least — or exceed them at best. Perhaps the people from our compilation had the same hopes too.

1. “My mother ordered a fall wreath from a Facebook ad. Weeks later, a tiny package showed up.”

2. “My sister ordered what is shown on the first photo... the snack cups were labeled ‘dishwasher friendly’ — a plunger with paper hats was what got delivered.”

3. “Well, thanks!”

There is a mistake in the name of the legendary band — The Rolling Stoner instead of The Rolling Stones.

4. “What my sister ordered vs What she got. Guys, I’m not playing at all.”

5. “Ordered a pair of shoes online. When they arrived I realized they were both for my left foot.”

6. Online shopping... sometimes it just be like that.

7. “What I thought I was ordering...what I received...”

8. When you didn’t check the size of what you ordered:

9. Someone skimped on the cream.

10. “I was really looking forward to this shirt.”

11. “I ordered wipes online and this is what they sent me”

12. This treats lacks any visible coconut flakes

13. Online shopping is awesome

14. “Found a cheap kitchen scale. I feel like something is missing.”

15. “My ‘Full-Sized’ Mjolnir arrived.”

16. “Ordered some reclining camping chairs online...”

17. “Maybe I just need to water it and it’ll grow...?”

18. “Ordered a sink rack. Fits a whole bar of soap if you can believe it!”

19. “The cat tree my mom ordered vs What she received”

20. “Laptop stand I ordered vs Laptop ’stand’ I got”

Do you prefer to take the risk and shop online or do you make purchases by visiting stores in person?

Preview photo credit RebeccaKwanga / Twitter


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