20 Pics That Can Tug at Your Heartstrings and Comfort Your Soul

2 years ago

There are good and bad days, but thankfully there are many things — even simple ones — that can lift our spirits during unpleasant times. It can be a gentle hug, our favorite comfort food, or even pictures that radiate happiness and love.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to put a smile on your face today, so we gathered 20 photos that will tug at your heartstrings and make you feel all warm inside.

1. “I jokingly asked my mom to knit a sweater for my cat. She took it seriously and actually did it.”

2. “My son was born premature with a 60% chance of survival... Here he is getting ready for his first birthday party.”

3. “She had a scab right below her nose and now that it healed, it left a pink heart-shaped mark.”

4. “My oldest hasn’t been able to speak since suffering a brain injury in 2008, but that doesn’t stop him from comforting his little brother when he’s not feeling well.”

5. “Woke up to find these love bugs snuggling with their new baby.”

6. “As my grandpa’s Alzheimers progresses, he can’t quite remember who my grandma is, but you can tell that he still loves her.”

7. “No cast, but my son insisted on signing the bandage.”

8. “I adopted a one-eyed bald kitten and I wasn’t sure how it would get on with my dog.”

9. “My daughter turned 3 today. Here she is with her kitten, Celery.”

10. “My baby missed me while I was at work.”

11. “My daughter was born 2.4 pounds and spent 104 days in the NICU. 9 months later she had a reunion with her Primary Nurse.”

12. “A baby elephant sat on my friend.”

13. “And we were worried about our rescue cat getting comfortable with his new environment and family...”

14. “My wife had our second daughter today! Here she is with her big sis!”

15. “My fraternal twin nieces holding hands after birth.”

16. “My sons (age 4, adopted from foster care) insist they are twins.”

17. “Picture of my little girl who just found out the boy from school whom she ’loves soooo much,’ lives 6 houses down.”

18. “My friends’ little daughter, Maddy, hates me. I may have overreacted when she finally let me pick her up.”

19. “Our newborn baby boy was placed in my arms and my tattoo placement was made for this picture.”

20. “That baby that had a 1% chance made it home and into my arms! We couldn’t be happier.”

What is the most precious photo from your family album that makes you smile whenever you look at it?

Preview photo credit Lonogg / Reddit


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