9 Changes in Appearance That You Might Regret Afterwards

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When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we don’t only see our appearance but we see our feelings about ourselves. For example, on a particularly bad day, you might see yourself in the worst light possible. On the other hand, on a good day, you look at yourself feeling like you’re at the top of the world. So, maybe one reason people choose to alter or enhance their appearance is an effort to feel better or keep feeling amazing.

Eyelash extensions

  • First, when I started with extensions, I loved them! But 6 months later, I decided to stop when I thought that they fell out way too easily and looked really ratty after the second week. The aftermath is not pretty when they’re removed. My lashes looked like some of them were cut off by scissors because they were weakened at various points. sadiebenz / Reddit


  • I trimmed my eyebrows because I thought they were too fluffy. I regret it now because my eyebrows are much lighter than before and have weird patches on them. This was 10 months ago. B***cheekeater / Reddit
  • When I was in high school & during my first year of college, I plucked my eyebrows until they were pencil-thin — I thought they looked good at the time. Now, I look back at that time where thin eyebrows were a trend and I don’t understand how I didn’t see that they did not at all suit my face. Joy Keeler / Quora
  • I decided to get microblading. At first, the artist recommended doing black eyebrows (I’m ginger and I have pale skin). I insisted on a mix of auburn and cocoa. Unfortunately, he used the wrong ink and the cocoa color disappeared so I ended up with orange eyebrows. This color is still with me. Elle Hayes / Quora


  • My little sister wanted to get her ears pierced last night and it was my birthday so I got a little caught up in the moment and said I’ll get pierced too. I have LITERALLY never considered a helix piercing...I didn’t even know what it entailed. Now looking at this page I am realizing I have made two grave mistakes: 1) It was pierced with a hoop (I wasn’t given an option by piercer) 2) I swim multiple times a week as my form of exercise. Altruistic-Double-88 / Reddit
  • I regret my navel piercing. My piercing got caught on clothing and was ripped clean out, leaving a ragged scar. And my tongue piercing caused a great deal of damage to my teeth. Christi Zelaya / Quora
  • Okay so I got my nose pierced a week ago and had my doubts about it being too low. So I took it out so I could get it repierced in the right spot. I went to the guy who pierced it to get it out and this guy told me that I should not take it out that it was perfect and that I was going to regret it. Kuramambre / Reddit


  • New tattoo regret. I need advice. hannahclarke72 / Reddit
  • Maybe something like this should work. s_k_a_r_t / Reddit
  • I was impulsive and wanted one NOW. I didn’t do my research and make sure that I went to a good shop. I didn’t even heed the warning signs I saw that were telling me that the place I was at was not good. Going to a sketchy place to get a permanent addition to my body was a very bad decision. Yet, I went anyway. I got the album cover of my favorite band at the time. The tattoo did not turn out very well. I kept it there for about 3 years or so. I then got it covered up. Depending on the tattoo, that can be a rather difficult process or very simple. Thankfully, my first tattoo was pretty basic and only black, so it wasn’t too difficult to cover. Ashley Starr / Quora
  • I almost immediately regretted my Chinese lettering tattoo (...that as always, didn’t say what it was supposed to)...I finally covered it up with an awesome raven! niky45 / Reddit

Stretched ears

  • Shoving a glowstick through my ear without measuring. I ended up ripping them so badly, Luckily I never had a blowout. My ears have never gone below 1/2″ even with leaving them out for years. The glowstick situation was a long, long time ago. Lol, I’m still stretching just a lot slower now.
  • I can tell you from experience the wrong way to stretch your ears. The main thing you do not want to do is force it! I used a taper to go from 7/8″ to 1″ and forced it through causing the top of my lobes to split. It was hard getting it to heal and the scar tissue will not allow the holes to close any smaller than 5/8″ no matter how long I leave them out. As a general rule though, it requires plastic surgery to have your earlobes fixed. Daniel Caldwell / Quora


  • I was in a tanning bed in a spa. We had a power failure the top on the tanning bed was down I could not get out. Security with flashlights were on the way. Thankful a friend manually opened the top. I was able to get out before security arrived. It was scary for a few minutes. Susan Davis / Quora

Acrylic nails

  • My sister’s nails for a wedding. escargoxpress / Reddit
  • This is really bad, if this was done at a salon I hope they either re-did them or gave her her money back. Laivine_sama / Reddit
  • Unfortunately, acrylic nails ruin your real nails for years. My nails became thin and brittle. Katie Gall Costa / Quora
  • I used to get acrylics but they were awful for my nails, and I gave up on them. If the cover gets off the nail a bit and some moisture gets in, a fungus might even appear. You will have to go to the salon and apply acetone. You can’t remove the cover on your own because you might accidentally remove the upper layer of your natural nail (or even the nail itself). Sandy Andina / Quora

Dermal piercing

  • Even with my excellent track record of healing piercings, my dermals still rejected about 4 months after I got them. Granted, they were near where my bra strap would rub, but I believe they would have rejected even if I had moved them over an inch. These were the most painful to get and were the only piercings I have ever retired. If you attempt dermals, make sure to get them in a location where there will be minimal irritation. Cheyenne K / Quora

Permanent makeup

  • I had a coworker with permanent top eyeliner. She told me she wished she hadn’t done it. It was obviously a tattoo, and a faded one at that. Keep in mind there is no true black in tattooing, only shades of gray, and in lighter skin tones “black” ink can look bluish even. CassandraBlack / Reddit
  • Do not do permanent eyeliner!! It will damage your Meibomian glands and lead to chronic dry eye disease. It’s very risky. b***sinseats / Reddit
  • Honestly, avoid permanent makeup. Event semi-permanent changes colors, as you get older the tattoos also sag... Speaking from experience. snapplesss / Reddit

Have you ever made such a massive change or addition to your body? What did you decide to do and did you ever regret doing it?


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