Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Things That Are Hard to Believe to Be True

According to a study, the human brain memorizes things better if they are something beyond the ordinary. And the heroes of this article witnessed something exactly like this, and thanks to the photos that they took, they made sure that they would never forget them.

15 People Who Have a Natural Gift of Recreating Pictures

A famous artist once said “When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.” And in some cases, as we will see in a bit, they imitate themselves in an effort to recreate past photos. The results are usually very pleasing to the eye and show that imitation is nothing but a respectful yet hilarious form of art.

16 People Who Thought They Found a Treasure, but Everything Turned Out to Be Much Simpler

In childhood, we used to keep any nice-looking piece of glass that we found, like it was a real treasure. Even when we grow up, this treasure-hunting spirit never goes away, so we carefully study any seemingly precious piece that falls into our hands. Unfortunately, these pieces are most often worth nothing.

16 Puzzling Things From the Past That Are More Meaningful Than It May Seem at First Glance

Many of us probably dreamt of going on a treasure-hunting mission after watching Indiana Jones movies as kids. Some of us even tried to find some hiding spots in the attic or basement. These Internet users also found old and puzzling items in their gardens or at flea markets and decided to ask online experts what the purposes of these things were.

15 Cool Things That’ll Stop Any Woman in Her Tracks

The modern market of goods and services is very competitive. You can actually get almost anything you want in different versions. And this is especially true for women. But even among this wide range of products, there are things that can make any woman want to have them right here and right now.

20 People Who’ve Found Really Creative Solutions for How to Declutter Their Homes

Everyone decides for themselves how their space should be organized. But sometimes we have too many personal items and too little space, so we have to improvise. The heroes of this article seem to be real experts at organizing their homes because they’ve come up with really creative stotrage solutions.

15+ Parents Who Got Too Innovative and Creative

Parenting is not a piece of cake. In order to keep their kids’ lives interesting, many parents choose to take unconventional decisions which some of us may deem ’cool’. Whether it’s creating amazing Halloween costumes to having a fun family photoshoot, we found many interesting instances to share with you below. Have a look!

13 People Who Had to Experience Firsthand What “Expectation vs Reality” Really Means

We often buy things just because we like the packaging on the shelf or pictures online, and we hope that the thing we’ve purchased will meet our expectations. However, pictures don’t always correspond to reality, leaving us totally disappointed. This is what happened to the people featured in our article.

15 People Who Are Still Searching for Words to Describe the Presents They Got

The discussion about whether it’s more pleasant to give or receive presents will probably never end. But we think that it’s only relevant if a present is really cool. However, this is not always the case. Some gifts can be so weird that they just leave you scratching your head in confusion. And the heroes of this article found themselves in situations exactly like this.

14 People Found Themselves in Such an Embarrassing Situation They Wanted to Sink Into the Ground

No one is safe from getting into awkward situations. And while some people try to forget it and chalk it up as a nightmare, others don’t mind laughing at themselves and even sharing their photos with the world.

20 Tattoos That Seem Simple but Have Deep Meaning

The reasons why people decide to get tattooed are diverse. Some people don’t even need a reason. But many others, like people who’ve gone through a significant event or that have a special someone they love, get a tattoo to remember them forever. Here, we’ll show you the stories behind these tattoos, as they represent something beyond simple art on the skin.

20 Pics That Reveal Their Drama When You Focus Your Eyes

Like treasure buried in the sand, some images can appear normal and even boring. Still, when you dig into their history, they can become something quite interesting. In cases like this, we need to pay utmost attention to reveal what lies beneath the surface. Here are some surprising examples.

15+ Photos That Show How Creative Nature Truly Is

Even the things we can see around us every day can be absolutely fascinating when you think about them. For example, how bees behave socially and have full-on communication with each other, or how we can see the light of some stars in the sky that don’t even exist anymore. And there are still so many ways nature can surprise us, here are some examples.

13 People Who Came Across Something Really Cool in a Totally Ordinary Place

Many of us have probably come across some curious things while going through some old stuff in the attic or our grandmother’s cupboard. And some people even manage to find something unexpected right on the side of the road. The heroes of this article decided to share their amazing finds online, and we would like to share them with you.

15 People Who Seem to Have Totally Run Out of Luck for Just a Day

We never know where and when a bad thing can happen to us. It might seem like a nice day when everything should be going well, and then suddenly, something breaks our peaceful routine, knocking us off-balance. And even though we have to deal with the consequences of these events, staying calm and having a sense of humor are key here, just like the heroes of our article did.

15 People Who’ve Discovered Something Really Unexpected Inside Ordinary Things

It’s no secret that amazing things and events can happen. And many internet users prove this with their amazing finds — and thankfully, they share their photos online. But some of them are so puzzling and mysterious that they can make you scratch your head in confusion.

20+ People Who Know Everything About Cleaning

Cleaning your house can be a time-consuming task that requires a lot of energy. So, it’s no wonder why we tend to postpone this activity for as long as possible. And when we finally decide that it is time to get rid of the dirt, the contrast between “before” and “after” can be really impressive.

17 Mysterious Objects Whose Purposes Were Really Hard to Find, but Not for Internet Know-It-Alls

There are so many things around us with purposes that remain a mystery. But not everyone is curious enough to dig deeper and seek out answers. Luckily, the heroes of our article are not like that. They decided to share their puzzling finds with Internet know-it-alls who are always ready to crack any mystery.

17 People Who Were Fast Enough to Capture a Unique Moment on Camera

There are so many wonderful things that happen in this world every day, we just need to look around and pay attention. And if you’re fast enough, you can even capture these unique moments on camera to share with the entire Internet.

18 Examples of Goods Where Manufacturers’ Trickery Reached New Heights

Almost all of us have had to face the trickery used by cunning manufacturers — and online purchases have a special place on this list. However, we can come across surprises in ordinary shops too, especially when we unpack things the things we’ve bought. And even restaurants sometimes bring dishes that look and taste far from what we expected. The good thing is that you can benefit from this situation and move it in a more positive direction. For example, you can take a photo and share it on social media. And that’s what the characters of our article did.